Classification Game for Botany

Classification Game for Botany

Reading of Words

The teacher chooses several pictures of animals, those that might be known to the child, and that have simple names. The child identifies any that s/he may know. The teacher presents the names of the others. Incidental clues and hints are given to help the child remember. The three period lesson is given on those that are new.

When the child knows them all, the reading labels are given and the child may match them. The child may write the names, and draw pictures of the animals.

Reading of Sentences

This work is intended for the point when the child reads reasonably well. This time the child puts out the pictures. The teacher reads a story from one of the cards. Upon completion the child guesses the animal that the story refers to. The story card is matched to the picture. When the child is working alone, he reads the stories.

Another nice way of doing this is to have an older child matched up with a younger one who doesn’t read past a word level.

Age: up to 8 years.

Material: a box with several series of labels, each series is a different color. Each series contains a question and two or more answers.

Classification Game, first part

The teacher takes a group of 10-12 picture cards and one series of the classifying questions: What do they eat? How do they nourish themselves?

The question is read and the three alternative answers are read and placed as the column headings below the question.

The child takes an animal, identifies the animal and asks what do they eat?

If the child doesn’t know, the teacher tells him, giving enough details so that he will remember the answer.

The pictures are placed in columns below the answers.

When all pictures have been placed in a column, review: “These animals eat other animals. ” The label is turned over. “We call them carnivorous animals, and so on. ”

The new words are given in a 3 period lesson.

What do you call animals that eat animals? What is carnivorous?

Classification Game, second part

One animal card is chosen, and all of its characteristics are considered. The animal picture is placed at the top. The child reads each question, finds the right answer, places the two side by side under the picture. The child goes on reading all of the questions and matching the right answers making a column.’

The child may write this down in his notebook or re-word it into a composition. Further research may be encouraged.

Age: 8

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