Classification Nomenclature for Botany

Classified Nomenclature for Botany


Botany for the young child cannot ever be just the nomenclature material., Botany Cabinet or leaf identification from pictures. The work of the child should center around the outdoor work of plants for the four seasons. The child of this age is interested in all kinds of plants and especially experiments having to do with planting and growth.

Botany classified nomenclature, organized by plant, root, leaf, flower, fruit, seed for class study. Experiments and possibly Vital Functions of Plants can be included in this work.

Classified Nomenclature for Botany

Reading of Words

Example: The parts of a plant. The plant is alone on the table. The child identifies the parts of the plant. It is living. The child identifies the parts if he knows them. Otherwise, the teacher presents the names: roots, stems, leaves, and axis. The axis keeps the plant standing in the breeze. The concept of equilibrium is shown by the child leaning over and catching himself.

The child is given the cards and reading labels to match and uses the wall chart for control.

Reading of Sentences

Example: The parts of a flower. Two flowers are on the table. One flower is broken in its parts. The child identifies the parts one by one attempting to form his own definitions. The teacher supplements these definitions with information on the function of each part.

Three period lesson. Each child within the group should be given the opportunity to form each definition verbally. After they know the names and function of each part, and can give definitions in their own words, they may match the pictures and labels to the definition cards using their own words.

Later the children can bring in their own specimens and identify and compare the parts.

Age: 6-8

Note: In the classroom , we hope to give the child keys to explore her world. In math, we give her symbols of the decimal system. In language, we give her the letters of the alphabet and the 9 functions of words. In nature, we must give the child the world of living things.

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