Copper Cleaning

COPPER CLEANING (individual presentation)

To discover the reaction of salt and vinegar when applied to tarnished copper.

4+ years

Container of tarnished pennies, container for clean pennies, an eye dropper bottle filled with vinegar, a container of salt, small spoon, tweezers, small bowl, drying cloth and tray.

Invite a child to join you and carry the materials to a table.
Arrange materials neatly, in order of use.
Ask the child to put water in the bowl at the sink. At the table add five or six spoonfuls of salt to the water.
Using tweezers place a penny in the salt water.
Check to see if anything is happening.
Then add five or six drops of vinegar into the salt water using the eye dropper.
Watch the reaction.
Lift the penny out of the bowl with the tweezers.
Examine its shiny surface, dry it and place it into the container for clean pennies.
Invite the child to try the experiment.
When finished empty, rinse and dry the materials before replacing them.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.

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