Daily Calendar


To chart daily events.
To give an impression of the passage of time.

3+ years

A three ring binder with removable pages.

Tell the children this is a calendar and we will use it to record daily events in the classroom.
Also use it as a countdown for exciting upcoming events.
Have the date written on the top of the page and a fresh page for each day.
Either the teacher or a child can record events.
Each morning have a child turn over the page.
On Friday call the children together and state that many things happened during the week.
Remove the pages and lay them out in sequence saying the days of the week.
Invite the children to read the pages out aloud.
Discuss the events which have occurred and what might happen next.
Place the pages back in the binder.
On Mondays you can record what happened on Saturdays or Sundays.
This helps to establish a cycle of time.

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