Division Word Problems


The teacher prepares seven special combination cards and mixes them with the other 21. The child fishes for one, solves it, writing it down substituting the ? for the answer in red.
Also, word problems are prepared and mixed with the others. The child copies the text of the word problem, writes an equation with the answer in red, and writes a conclusion, that is, a complete sentence which answers the question stated in the word problem.

Aim: further understanding of the concept of multiplication


These word problems are to aid the child’s understanding of the difference between distributive division and group division:

Example: (distributive) Mother has 24 cookies. She wants to give these out to her three children equally. How many cookies will she give to each child?

Example: (group) Mother has 24 cookies. She wants to make up packages with three cookies in each package. How many packages can she make?

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