To give the experience of the process of division by units. – Dividend ΒΈ Divisor = Quotient

The same as for addition.

The process is more important than the correct answer.

5 years

A small group exercise.

Layout as for addition, multiplication and subtraction.

a) Static Division:
Select a high number in the large number cards and the corresponding amount of golden bead material (quotient).
The amount selected must be divisible evenly by the number of children who represent the divisor.
Place the golden bead in hierarchical order in the center of the work area.
Place the large number cards at the top right corner of the mat.
Explain that you are going to share the quantity of golden beads equally between the number of children.
Begin with the thousands by placing one thousand in each tray and proceeding in this way until all the thousands have been used.
The child in charge of the small number cards gives each child the small card which represents the amount of thousands on their tray.
Proceed in this way sharing hundreds, tens and units until all the golden bead is used.
Review the process and state that in division our answer is what one person gets and therefore we need only take a set of small number cards from one tray.
Place these small number cards representing the dividend above the large number cards.
State that now we have done ‘division’.

b) Dynamic Division (no remainder)

c) Dynamic Division (with remainder)

EXERCISE 1: As in the presentation

Presentation & EXERCISE 2: Individual Work:

Introduce the ‘Divisor’ card and green skittles to represent the number of children.
Share the golden bead between the skittles and the answer will be what one unit skittle gets.


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