Events Chart

EVENTS CHART (individual or small group presentation)

To give an impression of the passage of time.

3+ years

Events board divided in half by a line and labelled “Past” and “Present”.
Child brings in cut-outs from magazines and newspapers.

Encourage parents to show their child magazines or newspapers.
If the child seems interested in a news story, have the child cut out the corresponding picture.
The child would bring the picture to school and informally tell the story to the teacher and a few classmates.
“Let us put that story on the events chart and you can tell the story to more children.”
Pin the story under “Present”, on the right side of the board.
The next day invite the child to go to the board with you.
Remind the child it happened yesterday so let us move the story to the left side of the board under the “Past”.
Bring in your own current events for the chart in case the children have forgotten to do so.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.

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