First Knowledge of the Plant Kingdom

First Knowledge of the Plant Kingdom

Classification Game – Plant Kingdom

In what environment do they live?
in a fluid environment
in a rocky environment
in a moist environment
in a dry environment

What is the vital cycle of the plant?
It has to be planted each year (annual).
It grows back every year. ( perennial).
It grows every two years. ( biennial).

Does this plant grow naturally in our area?
It is natural to our area.
It is not a native plant.

How do humans use this plant?
as food for themselves
for construction and manufacture
as food for animals
for other uses
this plant is poisonous or harmful for humans

How does this plant get its nourishment?
It produces its own food.
It takes its nourishment from others.
It gets nourishment by other ways.

How does this plant reproduce?
by means of spores
by alternation of generation
by cell division
by means of seeds
by other means

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