Formation of 11-99 With Golden Beads and Tens Boards


To learn the terminology for 11 – 99 with the aid of the bead material and the written symbol.

The Ten Boards
A Box of Golden Beads containing nine golden ten bead bars and nine golden units.
A floor mat.

The teacher and the material.

4 – 5 years


Two children can work together at this stage with the teacher’s guidance.
Ask the child to place the Ten Boards in position and to place the nine ten bead bars together with the nine golden units to the far left of the ’10’ section leaving space for the quantities 11 – 99 immediately to the left of the Board.
Ask the other child to stack the number cards in order 1 to 9.
Ask one child to make ‘eleven’ with one ten bead bar and one unit – the unit touching the ‘one’ bead in the ten bead bar.
Ask the other child to make the numeral 11 by slipping the ‘1’ unit card over the zero in 10.
Say, “Ten and one make eleven.
This is how we write 11.”
Continue in this way until the children have reached ’19’ and say if we had one more golden unit we would have ten.
Instead of having ten loose unit beads we can replace the units to the left and exchange them for a ten bead bar.
Each time a number card is removed, place it face downward in a pile.
Bring down the ten bar from the 10 section and with the ‘new’ ten place them to the left of the 20 section and say this is ‘twenty’.
Now let us make ‘twenty one’ by placing a golden unit to the right of the ten bead bars touching the ‘one’ bead in the ten bead bar nearest the Board.
Say, “Now we have made ‘twenty-one’.”
Turn the number cards to show the ‘1’ at the top and proceed to slip the unit cards over the ‘0’ in ’20’ as the other child makes twenty-one to twenty-nine with the Golden Bead material.
Continue in this manner until ’99’ is reached when the nine ten bead bars and the nine Golden Units show at the left of the Board and the numeral 99 appears on the last section of the Board.


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