Further Exploration With Bead Bars – Addends Greater Than Ten


c. Addends Greater than Ten

Aim: to practice carrying over
memorization of addition combinations

Notes: All of these games are more popular than the other memorization exercises because they are short, and the result is obtained quickly and easily. The children may invent others

Age: 6-61/2 years

Materials: same as before

The child is asked to set up a given addition with addends greater than ten. At first these should be static operations, i.e. 12 + 14 = When we have an addition like this, we first add the units, then the tens.
After practice such as this, we go on to dynamic operations, ex. 18 + 25 = First we add the units 8 + 5 = 13 We place a three bar here for the units and keep the ten in mind. We then add the tens; 1+2=3 and one ten in my mind makes four tens, put out four ten bars. The sum is 43.

Addition Chart: may be used here if the child doesn’t remember a certain combination.

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