Group Division


…stamp game
…work cards (divisor up to 9)

The division problem says 24 divided by 4 =____. How many groups of four are we able to make with this number. The four skittles are placed in a bunch and groups of four units are in rows in front of this group. Changes are made as necessary. When the distribution is complete, how many groups of four were we able to make from 24? The rows are counted. Six is the result of this group division.
The child then does the same problem using distributive division to see that the result is the same.

Age: 6-7

Aim: to understand a different aspect of division

Note: This is presented parallel to abstract division. Memorization has begun.


…stamp game
…work cards


1. Given a division problem, the child prepares the stamps and the skittles. Since we want to do a group division, we put the skittles together in a group. How many groups of 26 can be made from this number? The child places two tens and six units in a row, continuing his distribution by making all horizontal rows of 26 in a column. (The stamps are always placed in hierarchic order) Here, the skittles serve only as a reminder of the number in the group.

2. This time we will first make groups only of tens. Groups are made of two tens and lain out in rows. How many groups of ten did I make? So that each group has 26, I must make the same number of groups of units. Groups of six units are made in rows that line up with the groups of ten, yet in a separate column. When the child finds that more units are needed, one group of tens is returned to the dish so that they may be changed. How many groups of tens do I have ? 4 How many groups of units? 4 is our answer.

Age: 7

…to learn the concept of group division
…to continue towards further abstraction in division

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