How to Judge Evaporation

HOW TO JUDGE EVAPORATION (small group presentation)

To show how evaporation takes place.
To discover that water can change form, from liquid to gas.

5+ years

Two shallow dishes, measuring cup, narrow-necked bottle and glass.

Invite a small group of children to join you.
Have a child put a small amount of water into a shallow dish.
Set the dish aside in a warm place. Ask the children to observe the water level in the dish first thing each morning and before they leave in the afternoon.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
You may also use two shallow dishes filled with an equal amount of water.
Put one in the warmest place of the classroom and the other in the coolest.
Have the children compare the water levels each morning.

Exercise 2:
With a small group of children, fill three different containers with an equal amount of water, i.e., shallow dish, glass and narrow-necked bottle.
Set all three containers in the same location of the classroom.
Each morning pour any water remaining back into the measuring cup, one container at a time.
Measure the amount of water that remains and record it.
Have the children compare the different amounts.

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