Jigsaw Map of Child’s Own Country

JIGSAW PUZZLE MAP OF CHILD’S OWN COUNTRY (small group presentation)

To give the names of the states, etc. of the child’s own country, and the oceans which surround it.
To give the sensorial impression of the shapes of the states.
To look more deeply into the country’s culture.
Exercise 5 To give the names of the countries within a particular continent.
To give the sensorial impression of the shapes of these countries.

4+ years (after child knows the names of the countries within his own continent)

Jigsaw puzzle map of the United States
Picture Folder 3.

Invite a small ground of children to join you.
Go to the map cabinet and remove the map of the United States. State, “This is the map of the United States”.
Take the map to a mat.
Identify the oceans which surround the country.
As with the previous maps, take out the insets with the children and then return the insets to the map.
Give the names of the states in a three-period lesson.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation until the children know all the names of the states.

Exercise 2:
Introduce Picture Folder 3 in the same manner as Folders 1 and 2.
Encourage discussion.

Exercise 3:
Trace around the puzzle insets to make a map.
Color in the map or use colored paper or fabrics.

Exercise 4:
When the child is reading introduce the printed labels.
The child may also label his own map.

Exercise 5:
Proceed to introduce the other jigsaw puzzle maps in the same manner.
Child may select the map he would like to do next.

Exercise 6:
Introduce the mottoes of each state, also: flags, flora, crests, fauna.

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