Language – Introduction


Language is the framework upon which all other elementary studies lay. It is the vehicle that, in distinct turns, is examined, erected, and then embraced as the means of exploring related elementary disciplines. Development of strong creative writing and composition skills provide the impetus, initially motivating an enjoyment of the creative process, and later, by including each student in the work of editing, as further refinement of the same. A more formalized, individual presentation of grammar, spelling, and sentence analysis skills enriches each student’s efforts.

The sensitive period for language occurs between the ages of 6-8. The child is interested in understanding language and its component parts: words, their meaning, their function, and their relationships with one another. Dr. Montessori’s materials apply the principle of isolation of difficulty, which allows the child to individually explore the elements of language .

Because of the nature of the materials, they must be presented to children in the 5 – 8 age range.

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