Linear Timelines

LINEAR TIME LINES (small group presentation)

To emphasize sequence in passage of time and the cyclic pattern.


4-5 years

Time lines for the days of the week in one color, and the months of the year, in colors symbolic of the seasons.
A set of loose labels for each timeline in a box or envelope.

Invite a small group of children who are able to read to join you.
Show them where the labels and linear time lines are kept.
Take materials to a mat.
Unroll the line, laying it out in a horizontal fashion so that the blank side is face up.
Children read through the labels. Then ask what is the first month/day.
Place the appropriate label in the first space to the left.
Repeat placing the months/days in order, assisting as necessary.
Children can check their work by looking on the back.
Place out the months/days saying them out aloud.
When finished have the children put away their work.
Exercise 1: As in presentation.
Later on invite the children to make a circle with the line.
When the children pace out the months/day they will experience its cyclical pattern.

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