Living and Non-Living

LIVING AND NON-LIVING (individual presentation)

To draw the child’s attention to the difference between “living” and “non-living” objects.
To lead the child to simple classification.

4+ years

Series of pictures of objects coded on the back.
A box with two compartments labelled “Living” and “Non-Living” (optional).

Living, in this case, means that it once took food, grew and reproduced.
Gather a small group of children together.
Explore the classroom deciding whether objects could be classified as living or non-living.
According to the interest of the children, you may introduce the picture cards right away or on another day.
At a mat or a table, show the children how to sort the pictures into the living and non-living categories.
The children can check their work by referring to the coding on the back.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
The children can chart the objects in the environment according to the categories “Living” and “Non-Living”.

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