Living Things Reproduce

LIVING THINGS REPRODUCE (small group presentation)

To help the child realize that all living things reproduce.
To be able to recognize the young and the adult of a species.
To show different ways that living things reproduce.

5+ years

One set of control cards showing adult form and young of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants.
One set of cards of adult animal and one set of cards of their young.
One set of matching labels.

At a table or mat introduce the cards to the child.
Invite him to identify and lay out all the adult pictures.
The child identifies the babies individually and matches them to their parents.
The child reads the labels and matches them to their pictures.
The child can use the control cards to check his work.
The work parallels the work done in ‘Word Study‘ (refer to Language Manual).

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
You may also wish to present life cycles with labels that correspond to each stage.
Include animals which metamorphose.

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