Memory Game of Numbers


– To train the memory by keeping the image of a number in the mind over a period of time.
– To show that all objects may be counted.

– Slips of paper, on each is written a single numeral (0 – 10).
– A container for the slips.
– A box of identical objects like buttons, beads, or marbles.

The teacher and the child check by reading the slip of paper with the numeral written on it and counting the objects.

4 – 5 years


Invite a group of eleven children to play the game with you. At a mat, give a child one slip, ask him to look at his numeral carefully, place the slip on the mat and go off to find that number of specified objects. Repeat for each child. When all the objects have been gathered, ask each child, individually, to identify their numeral and count their objects. When you reach the child who has ‘0’, playfully reinforce the concept by saying, “You didn’t bring anything – you must have the zero!”

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