Multiplication Bead Board


The memorization of the multiplication tables.

A perforated board with 100 holes in rows of ten.
On the left side of the board there is a little window with a slot for the insertion of a card.
A set of cards, 1 to 10.
A counter.
100 red beads.
Squared paper and pencil.
Multiplication Control Charts 1 & 2.

Multiplication Control Charts 1 & 2.

5.5 – 6.5 years

At a table, examine the materials with the child who identifies the numbers along the top of the board.
Place a disc in indent of board.
Lay out the number cards in random order.
The child chooses either a 6 or a 7.
The child slides the number card into the slot and returns the remaining number cards to the box.
Place the disc above numeral ‘1’ and read the board, ie. 7 x 1 =.
Child writes the equation.
Lay out the appropriate number of beads under ‘1’, ie. seven.
To find the answer the child counts the beads and writes the answer.
Repeat the process until the table is complete.
Note: To count the beads start from the answer to the last problem.
When the table is complete, introduce the Multiplication Control Chart #1 for the child to check his work.

As in the presentation, the child works through tables 1 to 10.


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