Mystery Bag

MYSTERY BAG (small group presentation)

To help the child classify and explore different properties.

3+ years

Fill a cloth bag with different objects which can all fall under the same classification, i.e., paper of various types, string of various types, woven and knitted samples, wooden objects made from different woods, tools, etc.

Bring in the mystery bag occasionally.
Gather a group of children around a mat.
Say, “I have some special objects in here and all of them have something in common. Can you tell me what that is?”
Pull the items out, one at a time.
Discuss each item, what it is and what its properties are.
Once the children have made the classification (give clues as necessary), ask if they can give you any other examples.
Leave the mystery bag in the classroom for a few days in order to allow for further exploration.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.

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