“Nouns are the spiritual substance of material objects.”
– Maria Montessori

…box of grammar symbols
…labels for movable objects in the environment and/or
…miniature environment labels (one for each child)

Presentation: (Group presentation) Introduction:
Since we know how to speak, write and read, we can begin to study our language. The teacher asks a child a question. We notice that the child answers with all of the words in the exact order. We will learn why the words are arranged in that special order, add the special names for the different types of words. Though there are thousands of words in our language, all of them belong to one of nine groups. Each group has its own name and symbol. The box of nine symbols are examined, the colors and shapes. With these symbols we will be able to classify all of our words.

The box is put away. The teacher gives each child a label. As before, the children read the label silently and bring the object named. When the child returns, he/she identifies the object. This word names this object. All of these words are names for things. These words are called nouns.

Here the teacher recalls the story of the first humans. At first humans had no language, then they gave names to things: their homes, things in their houses, the animals, plants, rocks and soil, the sky, sun, stars, to rivers, mountains, … (go on through progression of civilization) … humans gave names to everything. But these humans died and the names – the nouns they used lived on. The number of nouns has increased. Everything has a name; they are called nouns.

Exercise: The child draws a picture of an object, writes the label underneath and the word noun underneath that.

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