Phonogram Object Box



As for phonetic object box, but in particular with reference to the graphic symbols for the “key” phonograms.
To give the keys to reading.

Control of Error
The directress

4 1/2 – 5 years onwards

– A box containing approximately twelve objects, the names of which contain just one of the “key” double symbols (phonograms) that the child has met in the set of green sandpaper symbols.
– Objects such as, jumper, car, dish, tie, chestnut, nail, goat, tree,
– Supply tray
– Prepared labels

You can change any of the objects in the box if the child needs more practice.

Done in the same way as the Phonetic Object Box but emphasis is places on the phonograms.

Two new steps:
1. As the child takes out the objects from the box, give him the words for clarification.
2. When the child reads a word, for example, the word dish as:
“d – i – s –h” instead of “d – i – sh”, show the child how this is special because the sound takes two letters and isolate them with your two fingers. Then go back to the beginning of the word and read it using the phonogram.

There are no sets of cards to read as in Presentation 4 but you can make some.
– Do all of the same presentations and Exercises as with the Phonetic Object Box.

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