Plant Stems

PLANT STEMS (individual presentation)

To observe that the stem conducts water upward to the leaves.

4+ years

A stalk of celery with leaves still on it, a glass, red food coloring, a spoon, a knife and a tray.

Invite a small group of children to join you and carry the materials to the table.
Ask one child to put water in the glass.
Another child may add food coloring to the water until it is a deep red color, stirring as necessary.
With the knife cut off the bottom of the celery stalk and place it in the glass.
Place the glass with the celery in a visible area where it can stand overnight.
Clean and replace the materials.
Observe what has occurred the next morning, how the colored water has moved up the stem.
Remove the stalk from the colored water and cut off a section of stalk from the bottom.
Note the red color of the hollow tubes in the stem.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation. You may also split the stalk and use a different food coloring for each half.

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