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Prefixes are affixes that go in front of root words to create new meanings. Prefixes can include a point in time or space (as in outside, prehistoric), the opposite (undo, inept), the number (trifocal, bifocal, unicycle), and many other things. Unlike suffixes, prefixes do not change the part of speech or the spelling of the word.

Sample Prefixes
Below are some common prefixes and their meanings.

Prefix:   Meaning:         Examples:

anti-      opposite.          antithesis, antifreeze

bi-         two.                  bifocal, biped

post-     after.                 postmodern, postwar

pre-       before.              prepay

re-         again.               remake, review

sub-      below.               submarine, sub-zero

super-   above, over      superlative, superscript

tri-         three                 triathlon, trident

ultra-     beyond.             ultralight, ultraviolet

un-        reverse              undo, unkept

uni-       one                    uniform, unicycle

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