Preparing the Indoor Environment


Pet cages, tanks, terraria.

Animals can be brought into the classroom permanently or temporarily.
Ensure that no child is allergic to animals.
Provide and prepare a proper living environment.
Feeding and caring for animals provide attractive practical life exercises.
Observing what and how the animals eat can be very interesting.
Encourage the children to observe how the animal moves.
It is important to establish appropriate ways to handle the animals and any other routines which ensure the safety of the animal and the children. It is very exciting to watch a life cycle develop i.e., a frog or a meal worm.
Use the resources available to you.
Many people will be willing to bring animals to your school.
In addition, trips to the zoo can be very informative.
If you choose to keep animals within the classroom, suitable arrangements must be made for their care at weekends and holidays.

To encourage the children to establish respect for other living creatures. To develop a caring attitude towards animals, birds, fish. To observe living creatures and attend to their needs.
Age: 2+ years

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