Preparing the Outdoor Environment


Bird feeder, bird bath and bird house.

Observing birds can be very enjoyable.
Birds can be attracted by establishing a variety of feeders. (Refer to the Practical Life Manual.)
A bird bath offers an interesting opportunity to watch birds.
Take care to keep it clean and change the water daily.
You may wish to set up some bird houses.
These may even be built with the children’s assistance.
Depending on your environment, you may put out salt licks in the winter and a variety of feed to attract other forms of wildlife.
When you go out on nature walks look for any tracks.
Insects provide a great source of study.
Look for habitats, under rocks, leaves, in the bark of trees, etc.
Show the children how to behave in an outdoor setting. Show them how to respect and care for their environment.

To attract and study wildlife in the outdoor environment.

3+ years

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