Sensory Box

SENSORY BOX (individual presentation)

To explore different properties.

3+ years
Assorted objects with sensorial properties for the children to explore, i.e., leather, lambswool, emery board, cork, rubber, twine, etc., kept in an attractive box.

Invite a small group of children to join you.
Take the material to a mat. Remove one item from the box and place it into a child’s hand.
Ask, “How does it feel.”
Encourage the child to feel the object in different ways, i.e., on his cheek, wrist, finger-tips, etc.
Let each child have a chance to feel the item and describe the various properties.
Give a contrasting object to the children to examine.
Encourage the children to explore the properties of the items, i.e., hard, soft, flexible, firm, rough, smooth, shiny, dull, etc.
If the children do not know the name of an object, give the name as the child describes the item.
When finished replace the materials.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation. change the objects frequently.

Exercise 2:
Sort the objects according to two contrasting properties, i.e., heavy-light, thick-thin, shiny-dull, etc.

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