Stamp Game Division – Single Digit


…wooden stamps of four types:
…green unit stamps printed with the numeral 1,
…blue tens stamps printed with the numeral 10,
…red hundred stamps printed with the numeral 100, and
…green thousand stamps printed with the numeral 1000
…box with three compartments each containing 9 skittles and one counter in each of the hierarchic colors;
…four small plates

The child is given a division problem on a work card. Since this is division, we put the stamps in these little dishes. ‘How many must this quantity be distributed to?’ Instead of calling children we can use these green skittles, one skittle for each child . Now you begin the division.
The skittles are set out in a row. Beginning with thousands, the child distributes equally to the skittle. When the child runs out of i.e. hundreds before each skittle has received one, the hundreds are returned to the dish, and the child goes on to tens. If he doesn’t have enough tens (or if he runs out) one of the remaining hundreds is changed to ten tens. This continues until all of the hundreds have been changed.
When the child has finished distributing, he reads the result-what one skittle received. The problem is recorded in his notebook. Note: If necessary to simplify counting, the stamps of one skittle may be arranged in hierarchic order after the distribution is finished.

Age: 6-7

Aims: to perform the operations at a more abstract level (here there is no visual difference in value according to size)

Note: These materials are used parallel to operations in the decimal system

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