Subtraction Charts 2 and 3


To memorize the subtraction combinations.

A basket or box containing green slips of paper for all subtraction combinations on Chart 1, written without answers.
Subtraction Chart 2.
Subtraction Chart 3 – blank.
A green box marked with the subtraction sign, with tiles, nine of each number 0 to 9 (the tiles are white, numerals are in green).
The blank chart is like Chart 2, except that all answer squares are blank.

Subtraction Charts 1 and 2.

5.5 – 6.5 years


At a table, examine the board.
The child identifies the numbers in red and then the numbers in blue.
Note the minus signs.
The child selects, reads, writes and guesses solution of a problem.

Fingering –
Find the minuend among the numbers in red – mark it with the right index finger.
Find the subtrahend among the numbers in blue – mark it with the left index finger.
Move the right finger down until it is in the same row as the left finger.
Move the left finger across until it meets the right finger.
Where they meet is the answer. Record the answer.
Repeat two more times then invite the child to try the fingering.
Check work with Subtraction Control Chart #1.

Exercise: As in the presentation.


Examine the chart which is the same as Chart 2 except it is blank, just like Addition Chart 6.
Introduce the tiles.
Lay out the tiles in an ordered arrangement progressing from 0 to 9 with like numbers together.
Note the arrangement.
The child selects and reads a problem and finds the answer in the tiles, which he isolates to the side of the chart.
Fingering is done in the same manner as for Chart 2.
Place the tile where the fingers meet. Repeat until the chart is complete.
Check work with Subtraction Chart 2.

Exercise: As in the presentation.


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