The Great Lesson The Story of Numbers

 Prepare a broadly engaging, impressionistic story of the history of Mathematics. Card materials, timelines, and captivating stories will engage the child when offered with tales of early humans and their efforts to measure and quantify their universe. Explore early symbols of numeration, the history of ‘zero’, and prehistoric calendars. Study the precision of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Delve into the navigation techniques of the ancient polynesians. Pursue this information enthusiastically and your students will become enthused, as well. Present this work graciously, and your students will express grace in their own studies. Their understanding of arithmetic within the context of human progress will grow.

    This understanding of how arithmetic evolved, and continues to evolve today, will inform an appropriate awe of our ‘language of numbers’. Continue your ‘Great Lesson’ throughout the years, through attention to technology & current events and an ongoing expressed passion for the measurement of our world. This passion is a ‘Fundamental Need’, a common thread across cultures that ties humanity together.

see: The Great Lessons – The History of Numbers

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