The Great Lesson

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Prepare a simple, yet interesting story of Language for the child. Different theories on the origins of the spoken word will catch the child’s attention if they are offered as tales with captivating examples about what “must have happened” when the first human beings tried to communicate with each other expressing their needs, ideas, feelings, concerns. True facts about the first symbolic representations of those same words with samples of primitive pictographs, hieroglyphics and alphabets will give the child motives of admiration and gratitude and a desire of expressing with them his own feelings and thoughts. Modern technology applied to communication will be understood by the child within the context of human progress throughout centuries of work and patient research.

Understanding how English evolved in the past, and how it keeps changing now, will result in a realization of the importance of this language and in an awareness of beneficial interdependency of peoples -many tributary streams have formed the great river of English -. English contributes now to bring unity through communication.

The Great Lesson of Language, as that of Mathematics, must continue over the years bringing to the attention of the child the main events in the history of communication, and the amazing treasures of knowledge and artistic creation preserved and transmitted to us by equally amazing means of communication. Applying to all these activities is a fundamental principle: a human need and the urge of satisfying it.

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