The Human Body


To familiarize the child with the parts of their body.

2+ years

Classified cards of the parts of the body with matching labels, with the control written on the back.
Blank charts: one for the parts of the body; one for the parts of the head; arrow labels; and control charts for each.

Invite a small group of children to join you at a mat.
Begin with the rhyme/song “Head and Shoulders”.
Continue by having the children identify other parts of the body relating them to their own bodies.
Encourage discussion.
Explore how the different parts of the body move, i.e., foot, waist, knee, etc…
Bring the classified cards to the mat.
Have the children identify the cards they know, sorting the cards into two piles.
Give a three-period lesson for the ones they need to learn, three cards at a time.
Replace materials when finished.

Exercise 1:
As in presentation.
When the child is reading introduce the printed labels.

Exercise 2:
Introduce the charts to the older child who is reading.
At this stage you are studying the whole body again.
Have the child label all the parts of the body using the blank chart.
The child can check his work with the control chart.
In the same manner the child can label the parts of the head.

Exercise 3:
Compare fingerprints of the older children.
Obtain an ink stamp pad. Let each child pick up ink on his right forefinger by pressing the right side of his finger tip against the pad and rolling the finger from right to left.
Then have the child roll the inked finger tip from right to left on a small piece of paper.
Child then writes his name on the paper.
Using a magnifying glass, let the children compare fingerprints and note that no two prints are the same.

Exercise 4:
Make a stethoscope from three funnels, T-tube and two long plus one short pieces of rubber or plastic tubing.
Let the children take turns listening to heartbeats.
Compare the heartbeats when they are quiet with their heartbeats after they have jumped up and down or run around.

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