Three Period Lesson


The Three Period Lesson is a teaching technique used to give formal vocabulary lessons. Language is given after experience of that which is to be named. The three periods support the three stages of learning.

Presenting Names that are Nouns using Color Tablets

1st Period: Introduction of the names to be learned

     1. Lay the primary colors in a row on the table in front of the child.
2. Isolate one and say, “This is blue.”
3. Do the same for each tablet in turn encouraging the child to say the name each time.
4. Repeat the names for each tablet in turn with the child.

2nd Period: Practice associating the names with the objects

      1. The teacher gives each name in turn asking the child to point out the object named. This is first done without moving the objects.
2. Then the objects can be moved about to challenge the child and to keep the lesson interesting. Movement helps the child learn.
3. The teacher can use questions or short commands to which the child will respond by indicating or moving the object named.

     Some ways to do this are:
“Where is blue?”
“Point to blue?”
“Show me red.”
“Hand me yellow.”
“In this corner show place blue.”

This is the longest period and must be kept interesting.
When the child can unerringly associate the name with the object, the 3rd period can start.
This may be on the same day or on a later day.

3rd Period: Confirmation that the names have been learned

      1.The teacher indicates one object and asks the child, “What is this?” The child says its name. Repeat for each object.
2. This can be done in any order.
3.If the name is not known by the child the teacher gives it again and continues with the 2nd period activities until the child is ready for the 3rd period.

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