Using Capitalization For Brand Names

Using Capitalization For Brand Names

When introducing other situations in which the first letter is capitalized, teachers may wish to present one category t a time: titles, events, buildings/monuments, nationalities/languages, and brand names. While this activities is based on the capitalization of brand names, teachers may adapt the presentation to suit the other categories. When doing so, prompt students with an opening question that encourages them to draw from their own experiences. Examples: “Hav you ever visited a famous building or monument?” “What is your favorite holiday or special occasion”

To become familiar with using a capital letter a the beginning of brand names.

Heading that reads: The names of brands are capitalized.

Slips of white paper

Red coloring pencil


Language Arts journals and pencils.

Most Montessori teachers introduce this topic in Year 1 and review it as necessary in subsequent years.

Invite a small group of students to gather around a mat.

Announce to the students that today they will learn another rue of capitalizing.

Define and discuss the terms brand name and generic.

Ask a student what his/her favorite brand of cereal is (or another such tie as favorite car or brand of blue jeans).

On a blank slip fo paper, in a red coloring pencil, print the first letter of the brand in upper case. Write the rest of the word in pencil.

Place the label on the mat.

Invite the other students to take turns thinking of names of other brands.

Each time the students think of a different brand, usr the red coloring pencil for the first letter I’m uppercase and a regular pencil complete the word in lowercase.

Place the slips on the mat.

Invite the students to arrange the slips of paper in a straight column.      

Place the heading at the top of the column, reading it aloud as you do.

Ask the students to write six brand names in their journals.

Look around the classroom or home for both generic items and some brand names of those items. For example, toothpaste is a generic name; some brand names of toothpaste are Crest, Colgate, Aquafresh. Make al ist of ten or more generic and brand names.

Create a special brand for an item. Draw a picture of the wrapper or packaging or make a model of it.

After capitalizing words from several categories (e.g., titles, events, buildings/monuments, nationalities/languages, and brand names), practice sorting them. Gather up all the Abels, except for the heading labels. Arrange the headings in a row on a mat, leaving enough space below each heading for a column. Mix up all of the slips of paper and work together to place each label in the correct column.


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