Washing Hands



Care of the person and giving a sense of cleanliness.

Growth in the child’s ability to work in a sustained and concentrated way.

Points of Interests

Seeing dirty hands become clean.


2 – 4 years

– One Basin
– One Jug
– One Soap Dish
– Soap
– One Jewelry Holder or Dish
– One Bucket
– One Drying Cloth
– One Cloth for Drying Hands
– One Apron


Prepare the washing hands table by making sure there is every object needed and enough soap. Invite a child to come by telling them you have something to show them. Stand in front of the washing hands table and have the child stand to your left. Tell the child that you are going to show him how to wash your hands.


  1. Put on the apron and have the child put on an apron as well.
  2. Roll up your sleeves.
  3. Take off all of your jewelry (rings, watch, bracelets) and place them into the jewelry dish.
  4. Pick up the jug and fill it 3/4 full of tap water.


  1. Come back to the table and fill the basin with half of the water from the jug.
  2. Set the jug down in its spot of the table.
  3. Place your right hand down into the water and then your left hand.
  4. Turn your hands over to wet the backs of your hands.
  5. Scoop water with your right hand and rinse your entire left hand.
  6. Repeat for your right hand.
  7. Raise your hands out of the water and pointing your fingers down, let the water drip from your fingertips.
  8. Pick up the soap with your left hand and place it flat in the palm of your right hand.
  9. Place your left hand flat on your right hand.
  10. Rub your hands back and forth until you can see some lather.
  11. Replace the soap on the soap dish with your left hand.
  12. Turn your right hand palm down and bring your left palm on top of the back of your right hand.
  13. Rub your left hand back and forth to create lather.
  14. Open your right fingers wide and using the tips of your left fingers, lather in between each finger.
  15. Then wrap your left hand around your right thumb and lightly rotate your left hand back and forth around your thumb.
  16. Repeat this for each of your right fingers.
  17. Then place your left thumb and index finger around your right wrist and rotate back and forth to create lather.
  18. Repeat all these movements of cleaning your right hand for your left hand.
  19. Replace both hands back into the basin.
  20. Rinse your hands in the same manner as when you had begun this exercise.
  21. Pat your right hand and then your left hand dry on the hand cloth.
  22. Pick up the water bin from under the table with both hands and place it next to the table.
  23. Pick up the basin by placing both hands around opposite edges for balance.
  24. Pour out the water into the water bin by pouring away from you and at a slight angle so you can see the water as it is being poured.
  25. Replace the basin on the table.
  26. Fill the basin with the remainder of the water from the jug.
  27. Rerinse your hands as you had done before.
  28. Clean the rim of the basin by running your hands along the sides to rinse off the soap that might still be on the edges.
  29. Let the extra water drip from off of your fingertips.
  30. Dry your hands with the hand cloth fully by repeating the same motions as when you were lathering your hands. This time instead of soap, use the cloth.


  1. Empty the basin out into the water bin as before.
  2. Replace the basin on the table.
  3. Pick up the water bin by wrapping your right hand around the handle.
  4. Carry it carefully to the sink and raise the bin to the sink level.
  5. Place your left hand under the base of the bin and pull it slightly up so that the bin pours out all of the water.
  6. Bring the bin back and set it next to the table.
  7. Dry the jug, the basin, and the table with the drying cloth.
  8. Then dry the water bin.
  9. Place the drying cloth on the table and replace the bin under the table.
  10. Hang the hand cloth up to dry and show the child where he can find a dry one. Replace the wet one with a dry cloth.
  11. Hand the drying cloth up to dry and show the child where he can find a dry one.
  12. Replace the wet one with a dry one.
  13. Put your jewelry back on.
  14. Take of your apron.
  15. Offer the child the opportunity to wash his hands. Once he is fully done with the activity, he can take off his apron.

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