Working with the Exclamation Mark

Working with the Exclamation Mark

To gain more practice with the exclamation mark.

Heading that reads: Exclamation Mark

The printed alphabet, including the exclamation marks.

Slips of paper   


Language Arts journals and pencils

Most Montessori teachers introduce this topic in Year 1 and review it as necessary in subsequent years

Invite a small group of students to gather around a mat.

Announce to the students that today they will continue to practice using exclamation marks.


Place the heading Exclamation Marks ,at the top of the mat.

Review that the purpose of the exclamation mark is to show emotion.

Print an exclamatory sentence on a blank sip of paper. Leave out the end punctuation.

Read the sentence aloud and place it beneath the heading, Exclamation Mark, on the mat.

Place an exclamation mark from the printed alphabet at the end of the sentence.

Pass a blank slip of paper and a pencil to each student, and encourage them to each write an exclamatory sentence.

Invite the students to take turns reading aloud their sentences. When they have done so, invite them to place it on the mat and add the appropriate punctuation mark at the end.


Using the sentences that are already in a column, ask the students to think of one word that they might cry out in that situation. For example, if the sentence is “Don’t touch that!” One might call out. “Stop!” To prevent a person from touching.

Explain to the students that emotion can be expressed by one or two word, such as: stop, help, oh no.

Write an exclamatory word on a slip of paper, place it on the mat at the bottom of the column of sentences, and put an exclamation mark after it.

Invite the students, one at a time, to print a one or two word exclamation on a blank slip of paper, place it at the bottom of the column, and add an exclamation mark label.

Encourage the students to take turns reading the word aloud, with expression.

Ask the students to write three long exclamatory sentences and three short ones in their journals.

Make a small comic strip. Use exclamatory sentences in the dialogue, as well as sound effects. Examples: bam! Pow! Whoosh!).

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