Montessori Lectures Index

The following index offers the reader a list of lectures given by Maria Montessori in the years she traveled and shared aspects of her Method and beliefs with others. It is our hope that the readers of these lectures will be edified by these words and that they can grow in the love of the Method that Dr. Montessori created for the world.

Lecture #1: How it All Happened (1942)

Lecture #2: Two Questions Answered (1924)

Lecture #3: Immediate Environment (1925)

Lecture #4: London (1946)

Lecture #5: Montessori Congress Closing Address (Copenhagen, 1937)

Lecture #6: Education and Peace

Lecture #7: India First Course Closing Address (1940)

Lecture #8: Nazione Unica (Copenhagen 1937, San Remo 1949)

Lecture #9: The Psychology of Mathematics (Cambridge Education Society, Trinity College 1935)

Lecture #10: The Child’s Place in Society (1936)

Lectures #11: The Second Plane of Education (London, 1939)